Founders of Annfinnur Heinesen, stage director and Birita Adela Davidsen, coloratura soprano and project manager.

Founders of Annfinnur Heinesen, stage director and Birita Adela Davidsen, coloratura soprano and project manager. is a newly established Faroese opera company which aims to make inspiring opera concerts and performance experiences primarily with Faroese soloists, Faroese choirs and Faroese musicians.

In a small nation where opera isn’t much practiced our purpose is to raise the general interest in opera and to expand the performing arts in the Faroe Islands by including the art form of opera.

In addition, the goal is also to hit a wider international audience and reach beyond the national borders with our artists and productions. Opera is an old European tradition that is of great importance throughout Europe and in the Nordic countries. We would like the Faroe Islands to benefit and gain from this rich cultural heritage and in the future be able to contribute to it ourselves. is the first and only opera company in the Faroe Islands and it represents the few opera singers we have. Due to the size of the projects and the small number of singers we aim to strengthen the artistic ties to other Nordic artists and institutes and thereby gaining experience and knowhow to develop opera in the Faroe Islands.

We aim to give the Faroese audience several translated and specially adapted versions of famous classic operas. In collaboration with Faroese composers and authors we also wish to create new operas and smaller compositions.

Furthermore we want to stay connected to local artists working with opera abroad and ensuring them interesting and rewarding projects in the Faroe Islands to ultimately strengthen the Faroese culture within the field of performing arts.


Founders of are Birita Adela Davidsen, coloratura soprano and project manager, and Annfinnur Heinesen, stage director.


Leporello’s Diary’s first major project was “Leporello’s Diary” in 2018 - a modern transcription of Mozart’s “Don Giovanni” by Fabian Dobler (DE).

Leporello’s Diary tells the story of Don Giovanni through the eyes of his servant Leporello. As he chronicles his master’s extravagances, Leporello leads the audience in Faroese through a narrative where the upper class sings in Italian and the rest in Faroese.

Kári Davidsen, Cand.mag. in German and Faroese language, and author of the Faroese-German dictionary, translated the libretto into Faroese, and Hans Pauli Tórgarð, musician and Cand.Mag in Musicology Culture and Aesthetics, adapted the Faroese speech to make it suitable for the rhyme and rhythm of Mozart’s music.

Copy of Annfinnur Heinesen (FO)

Annfinnur Heinesen is an actor and director, trained at the National Danish School of Performing Arts. He has worked with many different types of music-theatre; interdisciplinary projects, theater concerts, hymn concerts, several musical tales and concerts in collaboration with the Faroese Symphony Orchestra and Kringvarp Føroya (The National Broadcast), Jesus Christ Superstar and Audition in The Nordic House (Faroe Islands)  and “The Soldier's Tale” by Stravinskij along with the Ensemble Aldubáran in The Faroese National Theater. He has moreover worked as a singer and actor in the musical theatre Det Ny Teater in Copenhagen.

Annfinnur produced and directed Leporello’s Diary.

Fabian Dobler, kapellmeistari.jpg

Fabian Dobler has for many years worked as a conductor in the Kammeroper in Hamburg. He has travelled and directed all around the world. He has played and organized musical plays, he has composed and played music and he has written and set up multiple new interpretations of famous classic operas with his own opera group Operassion.’s first major production was based in and inspired by Fabian Doblers modern transcription of Mozart’s Don Giovanni - “Leporello’s Diary” called “Dagbókin hjá Leporello” in Faroese. had the privilege of having Fabian Dobler leading the music in our first production, as he conducted the piece himself.